Fishing Tackle Engineered To Make The Difference!

Zippla Distance Feeders

 CODE: ZF-S20 - small (20 gram)

 CODE: ZF-S30 - small (30 gram)

 CODE: ZF-S40 - small (40 gram) 

 CODE: ZF-S50 - small  (50 gram) 

 CODE: ZF-M30 - medium (30 gram)

 CODE: ZF-M40 - medium (40 gram)

 CODE: ZF-M50 - medium (50 gram)


 CODE: ZF-L30 - large (30 gram)

 CODE: ZF-L40 - large (40 gram)


RRP: £1.99 each

These distance feeders incorporate a new concept in feeder design.

Unlike a conventional open end ground bait feeder, the lead is moulded around the base which creates a weight forward balance that makes casting long distances easy, but the unique free flow design of the Zippla where the plastic is flared to meet the lead, means that even with the heaviest 50gram model the extra lead does not restrict the exit of the bait when the feeder is emptying on the river/lake bed

This design also causes the feeder to rise faster than ordinary plastic feeders avoiding the bottom and any snags.