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Zipp Hybrid Elastic

SKU CODE: EZ12, EZ14, EZ16, EZ18, EZ20, EZ22 & EZ24

RRP: £5.99

Zipp Hybrid Elastic

EZ12 4-6 1.2mm Fluoro Pink
EZ14  6-8 1.4mm Fluoro Yellow
EZ16 8-10 1.6mm  Fluoro Orange
EZ18  10-12 1.8mm White
EZ20  12-14  2.0mm Black
EZ22 14-16 2.2mm Fluoro Green
EZ24 16-18 2.4mm Fluoro Blue

As the name suggests, this is a cross between hollow and a solid elastic, it has all the benefits of both without any of the disadvantages of either, it has maximum stretch just like a hollow, a lower diameter and a smooth surface just like a solid, and it doesn’t suffer from flattening which sometimes can be a problem with  hollow, especially in the cold months making this the perfect ALL SEASON pole elastic.

But most of all due to its structure it has durability and superior strength which makes it perfect to withstand the rigours of puller kit fishing.

 * Designed to withstand the extra friction of puller kits, while retaining the 700% stretch factor of standard hollow elastic.

 * Perfect for silvers to F1's to big carp.

 * Extra Strength.

 * Perfect for puller kits.

 * Available in 7 sizes ranging from 4-6 to 16-18

 * 3m Lengths